Our sustainability framework

We develop and deliver building materials for a sustainable society.​ Our Sustainability Framework describes how we work towards being a sustainable producer, supplier, employer and neighbour in the local community.​


1. People

Everyone who works for Kunda Nordic Tsement has a common goal – injury-free workplaces. We have in recent years introduced a wide range of tools and routines to help identify and prevent potential risks and incidents within our operations.​

We support healthy lifestyle of our employees – we have active sports club SK KNT.​

We have established a Collaboration Committee to strengthen employee engagement.


"Our employees are the foundation of all activities, and we shall offer a safe and inclusive work environment.​"

"Innovative and sustainable products that help reduce climate impact."

2. Product and Innovation​

Focus on research, product development, substituting materials and optimizations in order to develop sustainable products with reduced climate impact.​​ 

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)  is a key solution to reach large scale reduction of CO2-emissions from cement, and necessary in order to reach climate neutrality in the construction sector. In parallel, the organisation still needs to work on fuel transition towards increased use of biomass, with R&D for cement products, and new alternative solutions to raw material and the CO2 intensive clinker.

Read more about CCS projects

Ongoing projects



3. Production and Supply Chain

We work proactively and we continuously develop plans to ensure good conditions for biodiversity at our quarrying sites. We have drawn up biodiversity management plan for our quarries.​

We are digitalizing production to use resources more efficiently across whole supply chain and to increase productivity. 

"Responsible raw material extraction with great respect to climate, nature and surroundings."

"We communicate proactively with our neighbours and collaboration partners."

4. Society and Corporate Responsibility

We take our responsibility to be a good neighbour who also contributes to strengthen the local community. We support local initiatives, education, culture, sport and social welfare.

All our operations should be conducted on the basis of sound business principles in accordance with legislations and high ethical standards.​