Packaged cements

Product name Composite cement
Cement designation CEM II/A-M (T-L) 42,5 R
Standard EVS-EN 197-1:2011
Standard name of cement Portland - composite cement
Strength class of cement 42,5 R
Designation color on the package green
No of certificate 1504-CPR-0490
Issued by and No Tallinna Sertifitseerimisasutus OÜ

The letter R in strength class designation of cement refers to high early strength of the cement.
The letter N in strength class designation of cement refers to ordinary early strength of the cement.


Composite cement
Compressive strength, MPa  
After 1 day 20
After 2 days 35
After 28 days 58
Setting time, min 110
Composition, %  
Portland cement clinker together with gypsum 85
Burnt shale 9
Limestone 6
Fineness, m2/kg 510
Volume weight kg/m3 (bulk, unpacked) 1200

All cements can be used for production of constructional structures and ready-mixed concretes, for manufacturing concrete elements and in mortars.

The cements are packaged into 40 kg paper bags on wooden pallets with dimensions of 1000x1200 mm, covered with plastic film (40 bags with total weight of 1.6t). 40 kg cement bags hold approximately 30 liters.